A note from the designer…

Windows are a central feature of a room’s architecture.  And window treatments should be prioritized alongside all other design elements. 

When curated, the result can be as captivating as a piece of art or stunning wall sculpture, or they can enhance that special view of the outside world.

Window treatments can be one of the most complicated interior design decisions, especially in urban locations where light and privacy are highly prized – but often competing priorities.  Our solutions have been designed with these needs in mind.   

  • Control of light and privacy
  • Array of fabrics and colors
  • Range of transparencies
  • Variety of customized models
  • Sustainable materials
  • Energy efficient

Guided by aesthetics, Realistic Design NYC specializes in window shades and blinds that will transform and complete your home.  We also offer the ideal solution for new tilt and turn windows and minimalist window treatment options.

Shades ahead of their time…

Cutting edge technology and precise craftsmanship provide versatility to satisfy every wish.  Each shade is tailor made by hand offering an array of styling options and customization to suit any design aesthetic.   

Our solutions also easily affix to any type of window setting. 

  • Free-hanging systems, which are fitted in front of the window, embellish the entire window front. 
  • Taut systems, which fit directly into the window frame’s inset, allow unrestricted use of tilt and turn windows and Top Down Bottom Up flexibility.
  • No drill (adhesive) mounting, which preserves the integrity of your windows, is a mounting option that adheres to the window and requires no drilling, a solution that owners and rental tenants alike can enjoy.
  • Click here for an illustration of the Taut System and Adhesive Mounting in a Tilt and Turn Window

Realistic Design NYC offers the best blinds for tilt and turn windows – the only solution in North America that allows complete functioning of tilt and turn windows and the widest range of beautiful designs to match your style and vision.

Design, form, and function…uniquely ours.