A tilt and turn window is a European window design. It is quite different than the more commonly used single and double hung windows in the United States.  As the tilt turn window name suggests, the window opens by tilting inwards. It can also swing open by opening like a door.  This dual opening feature is possible because the tilt and open window has hinges that run along the bottom of the window as well as hinges that run along the left or right side. Tilt swing windows allow ventilation from the top when the window is tilted in and impressively, when the window swings open like a door, allows full ventilation from the entire window space. 

what is a tilt and turn window

Single hung windows have a single sash that opens vertically from the bottom and allows ventilation only from the bottom of the window.  Double hung windows have two sashes that move up and down allowing for ventilation from the top, bottom, or both when opened.

illustration of single hung and double hung tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windows use a handle to open the windows rather than raising the entire sash.  If you turn the handle upward, it allows the window to tilt inwards.  If you turn the handle so it’s parallel to the bottom of the window, the window opens like a door.  In this way, tilt and turn windows open both ways.  When the handle is returned to its downward position, the window is closed and locked.

tilt and turn window

Tilt and turn windows have many advantages over single and double hung windows.


The most obvious feature is the aesthetic one.  Tilt and turn windows offer fully unobstructed views as they are a single pane of glass with no mullions running through the middle of your view. Additionally, they let the maximum amount of natural light enter the room. 


Ventilation is another advantage of tilt and turn windows.  When the handle is in tilt open window position, ventilation is provided through the top of the window.  This is advantageous because hot air can escape while cool air is able to enter through the sides.  Moreover, the tilt function allows the window to be open even during inclement weather.  It will keep the rain outdoors while still allowing fresh air to enter inside. When the handle is in the turn position, so the window swings inward like a door, then the open window permits air flow from more than 90% of the opening.  


Tilt and open windows make cleaning extraordinarily easy.  Turn the handle to swing the window inside and you can easily clean the exterior of the entire window from inside your home. 

Tilt and turn windows are modern and highly functional.  They provide versatile ventilation, a minimalistic aesthetic, and are easy to clean and maintain.  Realistic Design NYC has tilt and turn window treatment solutions–including cellular, honeycomb, pleated, venetian, roller and roman blinds and shades–that are especially designed for tilt and turn windows. Our blinds can sit inside the frame or attach discretely to the frame so that when you tilt in or turn open your tilt and turn windows, the blind or shade moves right along with the window.  No more damaging your blinds while simply trying to operate your tilt and turn windows.  No more loss of privacy by needing to raise your blinds just so you can open your windows.  Window treatments for single and double hung windows are also available in all style options.