A note from the designer…

The tilt and turn window is a window design that originated in Europe in the 1950s.  Soon after Europe’s embrace of the tilt and turn window, a 75-year-old European window treatment manufacturer began perfecting blinds and shades designed specifically for this style window.  Recently, these window treatments have become available in the United States where tilt and turn windows are becoming more popular.  Realistic Design NYC LLC is the only NYC-based dealer to import and distribute these window treatments from Europe.  

To say it simply, these tilt and turn window treatments are as technically ingenious as they are gorgeous.  I have tilt and turn windows in my home and was not able to find a traditional shading solution that didn’t have drawbacks, until I found these shades from Europe.  When I discovered the manufacturer was looking for U.S.A. dealers, I added window treatments to my interior design business.  I was so excited by the designer fabrics and technical sophistication of these shades and blinds that I wanted to share them. 

Shades ahead of their time…

How does it work? The blinds and mounting  mechanisms of our shades are very narrow.  This allows the shades to be mounted directly on the tilt and turn window (as opposed to the ceiling or wall).  Once mounted on the window, the window itself can move freely as the blind or shade moves with the window.  No more crashing into the traditional ceiling or wall mounted shade when you open your tilt and turn windows.  The window and the window treatment become one!  Incredibly, some models of our tilt and turn window shades can be mounted without drilling into the window at all!  

These window treatments are all made by hand, guided by sophisticated and precise engineering.  The technical ingenuity is enhanced by a vast array of hundreds of European designed fabrics and textures based on the latest fashions.  Also, features such as top-down/bottom-up flexibility, blackout fabric, child-proof cords, and roller shade fabric customization are standard.   


There are five special blinds and shades models that can be mounted in tilt and turn windows: Honeycomb shade (taut system), Pleated shade (taut system), Venetian blind (TwinLine), Roller shade (SKIRO) and Roman shade (Aero). We also carry all these window treatments styles for all types of windows (not just tilt and turn windows) with traditional wall and ceiling mounting options too.

Design, form, and function…uniquely ours.