TwinLine Venetian Blinds for Tilt + Turn Windows

TwinLine Venetian Blind in Velvet 3-620
Top-down/bottom-up mount

TwinLine Venetian Blind in Pure 2-701
Shown with slats closed

TwinLine Venetian Blind in Obscure 3-748
Top down bottom up mount


How it works…

The TwinLine model, in our Venetian blind collection, is designed specifically to attach to tilt and turn windows.  The blind slats are ultra thin at 16mm (5/8”) and 25 mm (1”).  Our Venetians are also unique because they are available with top-down/bottom-up functionality. 

The TwinLine uses our taut hanging system where the blind is attached to the window with mounting brackets at both the top and the bottom of the window’s inset called the glazing bead.  This mounting option permits the full use of both your blind and window at the same time. The blind is designed to move with the window as it tilts inward or opens in like a door. 

All the blind’s features remain fully functional whether the window is open or closed.  The homeowner or renter can open the window fully without interfering with the shade.  This eliminates the annoying issue of crashing into your traditional, ceiling mounted blinds when you tilt the window inward because the blind moves with the window itself. Another surprise benefit of our tilt and turn window shades is you get to reclaim your entire window sill.  These blinds sit entirely on the window leaving your sill wide open to use however you desire.

Features and Options…

There are over 100 slat colors with several different surface textures (e.g., velvet, mesh, glossy, and matte). For the adventurous, our Venetians can be made with different color combinations within a single unit.  The innovative rotary handle lets you operate the Venetian blind from the bottom of the blinds for ease of reach.  Unlike other Venetian blinds, the TwinLine model has top-down/bottom-up functionality. 

Installation options: Between the bead. Click here for installation descriptions.



Minimalist design for every area of the home

The TwinLine Venetian blind has been modernized for today’s generation with a linear, timeless design. All the cords run in one line. The minimalist designer aesthetic presents a clean and stylish Venetian blind.



New and intuitive operation

The TwinLine Venetian blind is operated completely via the rotary handle: the blind slat can be moved into any position and secured there from either the top or bottom, while the rotary function enables the slats to be seamlessly tilted. 

The handle has a concave shape and rests pleasantly in the hand. Ridges worked into it ensure a firm grip. This innovation makes it possible to effortlessly operate blinds on windows that are high up or difficult to reach, for example, due to a kitchen workspace.



Maximum Flexibility

The two aluminum profile rails of the TwinLine Venetian blind can be mounted directly in the window’s glazing bead and made tensioned with tensioning cords.  With the freely moving top and bottom profile rails and the ability to turn the 5/8” aluminum slats, you can play flexibly with privacy, sun, and glare protection.

TwinLine Venetian Blind with Open Slats

TwinLine Venetian Blind with Closed Slats