SKIRO Roller Shades for Tilt + Turn Windows

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: White

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: Yellow

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: Red

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: Taupe

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: Gray

SKIRO Roller Shade
Fabric: Blue


How it works…

Sleek and exceptionally beautiful, the roller shade is the expert combination of high-tech hardware and the newest on trend designer fabrics. We offer the ONLY roller shade designed specifically for tilt & turn windows, called the SKIRO.  

The SKIRO roller blind is designed to be mounted on the window so the homeowner or renter can open the window fully without interfering with the shade.  The SKIRO roller shade is designed to move with the window as it tilts inward or opens in like a door.  All the shade’s features remain fully functional whether the window is open or closed. Another surprise benefit of our tilt and turn window shades is you get to reclaim your entire window sill.  Our tilt and turn window blinds sit entirely on the window leaving your sill wide open to use however you desire.

The SKIRO roller blind uses our taut hanging system where the shade is attached to the window with brackets at both the top and the bottom.  This mounting option eliminates the annoying issue of the tilt and turn window hitting your blinds as you tilt the window inward.  Our unique SKIRO roller shade can be mounted to hang from the top or from the bottom, if desired, using a special cord run to increase the cord tension.

Features and Options…

The SKIRO roller shade is available in over 80 specially designed fabrics for a tilt and turn window roller shade. Blackout and two more transparency levels available to suit your needs. 

Three installation options: Between the bead Adhesive Kit; Between the bead; and Angle Bracket.  Click here for installation descriptions.