Installation Pictures for Tilt + Turn Window Shades

Unique & One-of-a-kind

Six Installation Options for

Tilt and Turn Window Treatments

The tilt and turn window shade collection offered by Realistic Design NYC has 6 installation options that are available depending on the type of shade or blind that is selected. 

Each option permits the window shade or blind to be attached directly to the tilt and turn window—either in/on the window’s inset, called the glazing “bead” or on the sash or the face of the window just beyond the bead. 

These options permit the shade to move with the window as it tilts inward or opens in like a door. 

Three options allow for no drilling or need for screws preserving the integrity of the window.  

All 6 options available vary depending on type of blind or shade chosen.


Honeycomb Shade Installation

The blind swings in and tilts in with the window. The window sill remains wide open for use.