Pleated Shade for Tilt + Turn Windows

Pleated 11-8220, taut system
Blind fabric XIRA, 4-4371, white
Installation Window Clip

Pleated 11-8220, taut
Blind fabric: LUCIA, 3-4438, anthracite
Installation: Window Clip

Pleated 11-8220, taut system
Blind fabric: STINA, 3-4394, white
Installation: Window Clip

Pleated 11-8220, taut system
Installation Adhesive Kit

Day/Night 11-8370
Two shades in one hanging
Between the bead installation
Blackout Sinus and Transparent Taro Fabrics
More information on Day/Night shades at bottom of page.

Pleated 11-8220, taut system
Installation Between the bead


How it works…

The 11-8120 & 11-8220/2 models of our Pleated shades are designed specifically for tilt and turn windows. Our Pleated shades can be mounted directly on the window allowing you full functioning of both the blinds and the windows at the same time.  

The Pleated shade for tilt and turn windows uses our taut hanging system where the blind is attached to the window with mounting brackets at both the top and the bottom of the window’s inset called the glazing bead.  This mounting option permits the full use of both your blind and window at the same time. The blind is designed to move with the window as it tilts inward or opens in like a door.  Click here for a picture of an actual installation. 

All the blind’s features remain fully functional whether the window is open or closed.  The homeowner or renter can open the window fully without interfering with the shade.  This eliminates the annoying issue of crashing into your traditional, ceiling mounted blinds when you tilt the window inward because the blind moves with the window itself.

Features and Options…

And what’s more, ours are the only Pleated blinds to have NO middle strings to obstruct the view and can be mounted without drilling and the use of screws.  Another surprise benefit of our tilt and turn window shades is you get to reclaim your entire window sill.  These blinds sit entirely on the window leaving your sill wide open to use however you desire.

The Pleated shade collection includes over 100 fabrics in the full spectrum of colors, over 60 unique patterns, several unique textures, and 4 transparencies.

Our Pleated shades are available with 3 different hanging options: top-down/bottom up; fixed at the top (of the window); and two-in-one day/night shades—perfect for urban spaces—that are hung fixed from the top also.  

Installation options: Between the bead Adhesive Kit; Between the bead; Window Clip; Face Mount on Glazing bead: Clamp Bracket; Wall or Angle Bracket. Click here for installation descriptions.



Innovative Day/Night Pleated Shades

Our innovative day/night system elegantly combines two shades in one, with a vast range of options in fabrics, transparencies, and mounting options.

For example, combine a black-out shade for nighttime use with a transparent fabric for the daytime. Or choose any combination of transparencies from a wide range of colors and patterns.

On right:

Model: 11-8370; 11-7370 (Skylight pleated shown here)
System: Pleated taut for tilt and turn windows
Blind fabric: SINUS Black Out, 4-4511, TANO, 1-4181
Installation Options: Between the bead (shown here), Clamp bracket



Day/Night Shades Mounting Flexibility

Adding more flexibility to the day/night system, we offer two mounting options: the two-in-one shades can be hung either together, with both shades mounted from the top of the window; or separately, with one shade mounted at the top and the other freely movable with top-down/bottom-up flexibility.

Model 11-8320
Both shades fixed from the top

Model 11-8370
Bottom shade is freely moveable top down or bottom up.