Aero Roman Shades for Tilt + Turn Windows


How it works…

The Aero Roman shade solves your shading needs in an exceptionally sensual fashion creating a unique atmosphere for the home.  Our one-of-a-kind Aero Roman shade is designed to be mounted directly on a tilt and turn window.  The Aero Roman is also unique because it is available with top-down/bottom-up flexibility.  

The Aero Roman shade uses our taut hanging system where the shade is attached to the window with mounting brackets at both the top and bottom of the window.  This mounting options gives you full use of both your blind and window at the same time.  With the taut system, the Aero Roman shade moves with your tilt and turn window as you open it.  This feature eliminates the annoying issue of the tilt and turn window hitting your blinds as you tilt the window inward.  And what’s more, our Aero Roman shade has NO middle string to obstruct the view.  Another surprise benefit of our tilt and turn window shades is you get to reclaim your entire window sill.  These blinds sit entirely on the window leaving your sill wide open to use however you desire.

Features and Options…

The Roman shade collection includes over 270 fabrics with various textile features, and a large selection of colors, patterns, and transparencies.  A combination of skilled workmanship and design-oriented materials go hand in hand to create beautiful shades for any room.

Installation options: Between the bead; Window Clip; Wall or Angle Bracket; Face Mount on Glazing Bead.
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Aero Roman Shade Tilt + Turn Window Installation