From the designer…

I create home interiors because I believe home is where we really are who we are.  A home is so much more than the place where we live.  It is a feeling, a place of welcome and sustenance.  A home captures our personality, our priorities, and is a window into how we want to share our lives.  What surrounds us at home should not only be functional but also beautiful and well considered.  There is nothing more gratifying to me than helping my clients imagine the home that brings them joy. 

I have a realistic approach to design, one that appreciates your place in life and your comfort levels.  One thing that keeps me grounded is having raised three sons in NYC.  I understand how city apartments need to multi-task, how they evolve over time, and how they can be both beautiful and functional.

In fact, I have renovated three of my own homes, and have worked with many designers, architects and contractors.  I have seen first-hand the good, the bad and the ugly.  These experiences help me empathize with my clients and provide them with informed and thoughtful service.  I understand exactly what my clients are going through from the stresses and the budgets to the journey and the final destination of a newly designed space.  

If you are secure in your vision for your home, I can guide you toward design elements that coordinate your concept into the harmonious home that reflects your personality. If you need help identifying a look and feel, I can guide you to the design that will make your home what you want it to be—stunning, welcoming, sophisticated, peaceful, edgy, colorful or fun.