By Olivia Nielsen

Sometimes a new item hits the décor market that so grabs my attention, I stop everything and study it. On a recent expedition, I discovered beautiful wire renditions of the human form.  These looped and layered metal sculptures of seated women and men are aesthetic gems that would add elegance to any space. 

The Crazy Wire Collection by Phillips has produced jaw-dropping, hand made statuettes, affectionately called “Crazy Wire Sculptures.”  My favorites are the Lounging Female, the Cross-legged Female, and the Lounging Male.  

These life-size (click here for sample dimensions) sculptures work anywhere—indoors or outdoors.  Plop one (or two) at each end of the dining room table.  Dash the throw pillow and seat a dramatic female sculpture on that extra chair.  Give the mansplainer a place on the sofa, or better yet, keep him outdoors on the patio!  Need a place for your favorite hat? Have an unused piano bench? Is there an empty corner that needs just the right something?  

Wherever you find a place for the Crazy Wire Sculptures, they will be a conversation piece when guests stop by, but they will also enliven your home with unique and fascinating objets d’art.